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PSLM Logistics

PSLM focuses on reliability and compatibility to its customers.
PSLM Logistics has a global span and has achieved international success, particularly in the Asian market.
Trust us to deliver the optimal premium freight services in the most conservative and time-saving manner.
We are goal oriented and our ability to tackle each task translates directly to having practical results reflected in your investment.

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About Us

PSLM Logistics is a private company established designed to reach global spheres, providing solutions and management in the freight industry. Founded in 2018 and based in Israel, we are positioned to assist a myriad of customers domestically and internationally.
PSLM currently provides services primarily on the axis between Israel and the Far East.

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Freight Solutions

Our services include imports, exports, shipping, and storage.

We utilized our established international contacts in order to provide the most competitive and economic package, no matter the magnitude of your logistics and freight needs. Hiring us alleviates the headache and liability of establishing new contacts, comprehending local customs requirements, and properly calculating duties.

PSLM Logistics has the necessary equipment, human resources, and experience to deliver optimized logistical support to our customer base. Our online tracking system and bespoke software allows us to monitor delivery progress in real time.

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Marketing Solutions

We are here to help you communicate, measure, and optimize your marketing campaigns for your target audience. 

We also understand that all freight companies are targeting different types of enquiries, so we tailor our campaigns around our clients' exact needs and wants with our dedicated sales and marketing team.

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Our team

Our core team has over 30 years of experience and our professional staff is multi-cultural committed to proactive measures, trained in problem solving, and dedicated to the goal of providing the smoothest possible experience for our customers.
Our foundation is built on hard work, trust, and integrity, and we are driven to dominate the industry. PSLM Logistics values its customers above all and also takes objective measures to fulfill its duties to the highest possible standards.

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To find out more about PSLM Logistics, the services we offer, and how we can provide you with amazing savings and excellent service to streamline your logistics, freight, or storage needs, please contact us.

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